Making friends for Jesus wherever you are

Ideas for how to reach out to those who have yet to meet Jesus


Ever introduce someone new to someone you love? Everyone should know them because they’re so great, right? That’s exactly how it should be when we bring others to the Lord.


The Bible says that each of us has the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5) – which basically means that God wants us to get to know others and then help introduce them to Him, while never forgetting that He is the invisible friend who never leaves your side all the while you’re making friends with His soon-to-be born-again child.


You might get to know some of these people at work, where you study, shop or live or through friends. It’s also a good idea to do some things you enjoy doing and then do those things around and with unbelievers. You can use this as a way of getting to know people.


You’ll need to be intentional about paying attention to reaching out especially to those who’ve never heard the true Gospel. Take an interest in people, listen carefully to what they say, ascertain their needs, pray for them and reach out in love, building bridges over which the Gospel will easily flow – remembering that the Holy Spirit is with you every moment.


Here are some ideas for things you can do – on your own or with a Christian friend - while getting to know some new people:


1. Play sport/ do an activity with a non-Christian person on a regular basis.

2. Volunteer to teach or coach at a local school.

3. Join a club or class for some activity you enjoy.

4. Take part in the neighbourhood watch or your body corporate committee.

5. Invite someone new over for dinner each week.

6. Go to a coffee shop and read a book or catch up on some work, staying open to striking up conversations.

7. Join the local PTA or similar parent/school group.

8. Go shopping in a new part of town where you know there are people from other cultures.

9. Go for a walk and say hello to everyone you meet.

10. Say hi to your neighbours and look out for ways to help them.

11. Welcome new neighbors with a some food or a small gift.

12. Shop at the same grocery store/ put petrol in at the same service station so you can get to know the staff.

13. Tell local funeral home directors you’re available to counsel or speak at services for families losing a loved one who have no church or pastor.

14. Visit an old people’s home and offer to read someone the newspaper.

15. Help with a local 12-step program (particularly if you once were a drinker or addict)

16. Spend time with homeless people – find out where they sleep and visit or offer help.

17. Watch a clean movie with an unsaved friend or acquaintance and then discuss any “spiritual” or “life” lessons.

18. Go to local ethnic restaurants and get to know the owners.

19. Take cupcakes to the police and fire stations and offer to help start a regular prayer group.

20. Get a friend to do all of the above with you!